The Art of Land Development is a premium provider of quality projects to specification, on time, and within budget.

Established 30 years ago by John Miller who holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Post Graduate Degree in Timber Engineering.

Spanning multiple facets of the development spectrum strives to deliver premiere assets that provide for long term stable yields, enduring quality and a positive impact to the community. Honest and open collaboration with all stakeholders ensures each development meets the expectations of all participants.

We use progressive architecture, sustainable environmental methods and constantly evolving construction techniques to create timeless projects that will enhance the neighbourhoods we serve.


Management, Asset, Capital and Exit (M.A.C.E) are the four ‘pillars’ that hold the framework of land development together, according to MACE creator, John Miller. Through the use of a state of the art task management system our team ensures that the development process is seamless and efficient.