CCA with the direction of key design and long term management personnel has successfully undertaken and completed the design, contract administration and services management of Projects in this unique field of Engineering each with varying degrees of complexities and skill set requirements which will greatly benefit prospective Clientele. CCA  has formed and maintains personalised Client service with Directors and staff providing acquired skills, knowledge and construction expertise throughout the complete Project, rather than just at the ‘head end’ of a Project. CCA believe this approach to be extremely important in the producing of value for monies end products.

CCA have complete confidence in the services provided given their vast accumulated data base and appreciation of the design processes involved specifically in this area in order to arrive at the correct Client outcomes for the complete Project. This “total” picture experience and approach is an invaluable mechanism in the control and management of Projects from both cost and engineering aspects which relate directly to all CCA Clientele receiving the maximum value for monies expended.